Karbala & ashura

Karbala means going towards god or being near god  but after Ashura's events the meaning was chenged and it became  Houssein's city or place of loyality

Karbala is ona of Iraq cities which was the wilness of Ashura's events

On seventh of moharam, one of warriors of Omar Ibn _e_ sa'd's army , who was Abdollah Ibn _e_ hsin _e_ Azadi ,becaus of Omar's order ;he banded water to Imam Houssein and his followers and he shouted :" Houssein , do you see that limpid water? but you can't drink even one drop of it till you die " Imam Houssein said:" oh , my lord ,pleas kill him thirsty and don't beless him".


 after Karbala event_becaus of houssein's praying, he could never drint water any more and he lived while he was thirsty


On 9th of Moharam _Tasu'a_ the army of enemys made an attack on Imam's army, but Imam recived a respite to pray all the night

On that night Imam ordered to his followers to make a big holes around their tents and fill them with wood

On Ashura_10thof Moharam_ morning _after morning prayers_ Imam spoke with his followers and rise his hand to the sky and said:"oh, lord , you are my experience on all hardly times and you are my trustworthy on all problems ... then you are my authority and all of kindness are yours and you are end of my wishes"

Suddenly the army of enemy attacked them and Imam ordered to set on fire the woods _on the holes_ when Shemr Ibn_e_ zeljoshan saw the fire said :"you are in a hurry to fire of resurrection" Imam sad:" goatherd women's  son you are more deserve of resurrection's fire." the enemys afrided of Imam's clim. then Imam saied :"Dead is like a bride to us takes me from hard life to easy life also it is oppasite for our enemies and it takes them toward hard and tourture life." When Horr heard his speech he joined to Imam's army and he was the first man that he suffered martyrdom on Karbala and started war . after that Imam's other followers suffered martyrdom one by one. 

/ 17 نظر / 22 بازدید
نمایش نظرات قبلی

من انگلیسی نميفهمم .ولی قطعآ در مورد شهادت امام حسين (ع) است منهم تسليت ميگم والتماس دعا دارم

قلم و کاغذ و احساس

سلام محدثه خانم ..ممنون که به بلاگم سر زديد .. من هم به نوبه خود شهادت ابا عبدالله الحسين رو به شما تسليت ميگم .. مموفق و پيروز باشی ..


وبلاگ فارسی است اگه فارسی بنويسی مورد استفاده عموم ميتونه باشه


سلام ...بسيار زيبا بود البته من هيچی ازش نفهميدم....موفق باشی...:D

رها شده از بند

سلام.اگر فارسی بنويسی منهم .ميتوانستم نظر بدهم اگر دوست داشتی پيش من بيا /پشيمان نمیشی. البته اگر دوستداری خاطرات يک اسير در بند را بخوانی موفق باشی/دوست شما .


God bless u....ya haq


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سلام. خيلی جالب بود...اينجوری تا حالا نديده بودم!